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You Are My Beloved Children

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You Are My Beloved Children.

I wrote those words years beforeI had any children of my own.

This canvas was given to me in 2013. It came from a home renovation and the handy man friend donated it to me. On he canvas was a light painting. The beginning of what looked like a sea scape. 

About that time a local coffee shop was opening. I befriended the owner and offered him a large painting to display.. long term loan.

It was this canvas with a much simpler painting on it. In fact, after its first showing, I decided it needed more. I went back and glued on painted paper over the painting.

It hung in this state for 7 or 8 years.

Recently I was contacted and given back the painting.

I decided to use what was on it and create something new.

I have worked on this painting for a couple months.

It has many layers. Painted paper glued on to the canvas. Sealed and painted over. Many layers of paint.

I cleaned up and restored the original canvas and painting. Nice fresh and ready for a colorful new life.



91" wide x 36" tall x 1" deep. Not too heavy.

House paint, painted paper, oil enamel paint on canvas.

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